Shawn Shakya’s Fancy Website

Hey, I'm Shawn Shakya!

Thanks for swinging by my page. I've made some weird merch and videos for you, and there's more on YouTube.

I can't wait to play a proper show again but in the meantime I'm finding ways to have a fun time with you; be it through lawn tours (SQUID Tour) or both spontaneous and scheduled live streams, some of which are where we try to cook and play music at the same time. I love a fun disaster. search #shawnappetit

ORIGIN STORY: Once upon a time when I was a wee baby shakya, a sorceress handed me a magic coin that I had just watched her bend with her mind. She handed it to me SO I ATE IT. It got stuck in my throat and I coughed it back up, but ever since then I've been a good singer. Pretty cool day.