Shawn Shakya’s Fancy Website

Hey, I'm Shawn Shakya!

Thanks for swinging by my page. I've got some weird merch and videos for you, so feel free to kick it here for as long or as short as you'd like. More videos on YouTube which you can get to through the videos here.

I really really fuckin REALLY can't wait to play a proper show again but in the meantime I'm finding fun ways to have a fun time with you, be it through lawn tours (SQUID Tour) to both spontaneous AND scheduled live streams, some of which are where we TRY to cook and play music at the same time. I love a fun disaster. #shawnappetit

ORIGIN STORY: Once upon a time when I was a child, a sorceress handed me a magic coin that I had just watched her bend with her mind. She handed it to me, SO I ATE IT. She didn't tell me to.. it was just my honest gut reaction. It got stuck in my throat though and I had to coughed it back up. Afterwords to cheer me up I got a turkey leg and my face painted....buuuuut ever since I've been a pretty good singer. Pretty cool day.