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Hey, I'm Shawn!

Upcoming Cover Gigs:

10/30 Annapolis, MD 9pm-1am: Dark Horse

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I'm an independent musician based out of Annapolis, Maryland. I play original music on stages and also do cover song gigs at bars and restaurants.

Using a 5 track loop station, I record multilayered vocals, keys, and guitar live on the spot.

Stage shows are full of original music ranging from sad songs about loneliness to funny songs about loneliness. Other songs are about Vampires, being immature in my early love life, and viewing my past relationship through the eyes of my ex. I'm often joined on stage for a few songs by my friend Nick Gladstone, and most nights I like to save a segment for music improv.

Music I Play at Cover Song Gigs:

-The Black Keys

-Amy Winehouse

-Ray Charles

-Justin Timberlake

-Hall & Oats

-Childish Gambino


-Dolly Parton

-Nina Simone

-Mike Posner

-Mayer Hawthorne

...& many more!